Boston Trip

On Friday, April 9th,2011,  New Dorp gave the juniors a trip they will never forget. They went to Boston and it was so much fun for them. When they got there, they went on a dinner crusie ship and the next day they took tours and saw Harvard University. This trip was a good opportunity for Juniors to get to know eachother. The stundents had to be on the bus for 5 hours but when they arrived they had gotten ready for the Boston Spirit Line dinner crusie.The food they served was good. They served a marcaroni and chesee with broccoli mixed together, roast beef with brown gray and garlic mashed potatoes. They also had salad and string beans. They had to wear fancy clothes but,  not too fancy. It was really nice. The set up was a group of tables that were lined up next to eachother and the tables were near the dancefloor. The boat pulled out at 7 p.m and they came back at 10 p.m. It was fun because they got to dance with all of their friends. On top of that,  there was another school there so they got to dance with them to. It was just a fun night to meet new people.

Then on the tour they got to see all the homes people live in. Some of the windows were purple. Locals say that the poeple that have purple windows are rich. We got to see all famous bulidings including Harvard Unversity. The group was supposed to get a tour but they were late. They got to walk around through it and it  was fun because it was a big campus. The stundents got to look around and see all  of the students that were there. There was even cheerleaders.  It was nice to  walk around and see everything.

We got to learn and see a lot of things. I think my favorite part was the crusie ship. I couldn’t stop dancing and having a good time. I got to see different people and it was just really fun to go through. If you havent done something like this you should because it’s alot of  fun and it’s something that everyone should do. If  I could go back in time I would do it all over again. Trips are always full of fun and something that you will always remember. Whatever trip you plan make sure it’s something you will never forget.


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