Cemeteries. Are they good or bad?

There are a lot of cemeteries on Staten Island. People go to visit the cemeteries to mourn. People think cemeteries are scary places to be. One big cemetery is the Moravian cemetery. Big cemeteries are common in Staten Island. Others just have strange graves, but all give off the same strange feeling in the dark. A nice cemetery is the Ocean View cemetery out in Eltingville. A few others are The Vanderbilt cemetery and the Silver Lake cemetery in Clove Lakes. I think that cemeteries are calming places when you get past the fact that there are corpses six feet under you. At night,  its always a place were you think that there is something following you or you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye. When its light out, its a field with head stones, but at night it changes drastically. It turns from a field with headstones to one of the scariest places you’d know. Why does our mind make that change? When asked about how she felt about cemeteries New Dorp Junior, Donika Shala answered with “I feel like its a good place to relax and to forget About everything that worries me.”

When you think about all the family members that had lost someone it’s really upset. People have different feelings,  thoughts about cemeteries, whether they’re  good or bad. How ever you feel about it, it’s not bad at all. Cemeteries are just a really cool place to go to . Just to think about all the people that are buried in there, it’s sad. But remember to visit your local cemetery anytime you feel. There also scary stories about it. But how ever you feel is how you feel. You can’t change your feelings about a cemetery until you know how to handle yourself in one.


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