Katy Perry and her road to success

Katy Perry is a really great person. She has a different style for all her songs.They all of meaning and all say something. She also work with alot of people. The kudos from Madonna may have helped Perry with her success. Perry also work with Kanye West. I Kissed a Girl, One of the Boys,California Girls,Teenage dream,Hot N Cold , Fireworks, Discography, Waking up in vegas and Thinking Of you.One of her newest one is E.T. This are all the song that change her and made her have different ideas.Each of these songs have a message.Her video always show us how she is feeling and what the songs are base on.She always coming up with new ideas. Perry had a long relationship with Travie McCoy she married Russell Brand on October 23, 2010..

A quote from one of our Junior name Thomas Vitale “ I love her and she really pretty. She really talented.”

I think she really is talented and pretty.I like how she come together and you never know what she going do next.

No matter what people could feel different about her. I just feel she is good. She has change a lot.She always has something new in store. I like when you don’t know whats going happen next with artist. If you have hear her songs before you should because there really good.She works really hard with whoever. Go listen to her on youtube because if u don’t , you are missing out.


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