What Sports Does New Dorp Offer For stundents?

At New Dorp High School  there  are many differnet sports you can choose from . There is bowling , soccer , handball, football, cheerleading, basketball, larcosse and softball. We are always coming together and working hard to  make our team better. The sports at our school are always up and down with winning but we dont’s let that stop us , we always keep going and never stop trying. They are fun to be apart of or just to watch.

“Our school has alot of sports to offer , but i would have to say i really like bowling . I really wish i could do other things  (like Sing)but it interfers with bowling” says a junior at New Dorp High School Thomas Vitale.

“I would have to say cheerleading is my favorite sport New Dorp offers and i just wouldnt want to do anything esle” says a Junior at New Dorp High School Sandra Papa

High School is just so much fun.Its a time where you should be on a team. You could meet alot of people .Which after awhile of being a on team you become a big family and you love everone. Its just a really nice feeling teams give you. You could try them all but its up to you what you want to do High School is just a fun time , so enjoy it and if you dont play , go and watch because its just as fun anmd maybe you will meet a friend just by watching it .


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