Cemeteries. Are they good or bad?

There are a lot of cemeteries on Staten Island. People go to visit the cemeteries to mourn. People think cemeteries are scary places to be. One big cemetery is the Moravian cemetery. Big cemeteries are common in Staten Island. Others just have strange graves, but all give off the same strange feeling in the dark. A nice cemetery is the Ocean View cemetery out in Eltingville. A few others are The Vanderbilt cemetery and the Silver Lake cemetery in Clove Lakes. I think that cemeteries are calming places when you get past the fact that there are corpses six feet under you. At night,  its always a place were you think that there is something following you or you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye. When its light out, its a field with head stones, but at night it changes drastically. It turns from a field with headstones to one of the scariest places you’d know. Why does our mind make that change? When asked about how she felt about cemeteries New Dorp Junior, Donika Shala answered with “I feel like its a good place to relax and to forget About everything that worries me.”

When you think about all the family members that had lost someone it’s really upset. People have different feelings,  thoughts about cemeteries, whether they’re  good or bad. How ever you feel about it, it’s not bad at all. Cemeteries are just a really cool place to go to . Just to think about all the people that are buried in there, it’s sad. But remember to visit your local cemetery anytime you feel. There also scary stories about it. But how ever you feel is how you feel. You can’t change your feelings about a cemetery until you know how to handle yourself in one.


Change in Spring means change of style

The weather is changing and everyone is looking forward to it. People are so sick of seeing snow and wearing jackets. It’s time to find out what is cute for the Spring and bring out the Summer clothes. People are looking forward to the beach, sand and bathing suits. Putting the winter clothes away feels good. I like the fact that the weather is changing because the nice weather is what a lot of people are looking for. You could hangout with your friends. Its just nice to wear less things.

Sunglasses are always in style for when the weather is hot and the sun out there is hot. There are a lot of nice looking sunglasses to choose from. They come in all different shapes and styles. They’re always making an outfit fun. Bathing suits are always a lot of fun and they have different colors to choose from. People just make everything so fun in the summer. You could go all out when you get creative with your outfit. Jean skirts are also really nice to wear when you go out at night. They’re really cute and you could wear them with any cute top.  When the weather changes it’s time to put things together and find out what’s in and what’s not. Don’t be afraid to get creative nd bring things that were old back, if they were old. It’s summer time, you should enjoy it. 

 Bathing suits, jean skirts, and glasses are great for whenever you choose to enjoy your summer. It’s time to put the summer clothes away and make something fun and interesting . The weather is getting nice so start making yourself feel great during the Spring season.

What Sports Does New Dorp Offer For stundents?

At New Dorp High School  there  are many differnet sports you can choose from . There is bowling , soccer , handball, football, cheerleading, basketball, larcosse and softball. We are always coming together and working hard to  make our team better. The sports at our school are always up and down with winning but we dont’s let that stop us , we always keep going and never stop trying. They are fun to be apart of or just to watch.

“Our school has alot of sports to offer , but i would have to say i really like bowling . I really wish i could do other things  (like Sing)but it interfers with bowling” says a junior at New Dorp High School Thomas Vitale.

“I would have to say cheerleading is my favorite sport New Dorp offers and i just wouldnt want to do anything esle” says a Junior at New Dorp High School Sandra Papa

High School is just so much fun.Its a time where you should be on a team. You could meet alot of people .Which after awhile of being a on team you become a big family and you love everone. Its just a really nice feeling teams give you. You could try them all but its up to you what you want to do High School is just a fun time , so enjoy it and if you dont play , go and watch because its just as fun anmd maybe you will meet a friend just by watching it .

The way to start off spring

The way to start off the spring is definitely not by having really bad tornadoes. Tornadoes have been happening a lot lately. In the D.C region they been getting hit badly, Alabama and Georgia as well. This is what normally happens after a morning of cloudiness, breaks in the cover began to appear heading into afternoon. Temperatures rising into the low 80s most spots were just enough to heat the surface to a point where convection would initiate. Dew points, a factor in available energy, also crept from muggy morning readings in the mid 60s to summer like afternoon numbers near 70. Add in a spoke of energy moving through, and a whole lot of spin to the atmosphere thanks to an upper-level that created the Southern low and you’ve got a recipe for tornadoes in the area.

A quote from, April 27-28, 2011 tornado outbreak: “Numerous tornado storms impacted the D.C. region as well. The first of four overlapping tornado watches was issued around 2:00 p.m., running through the evening, as an isolated storm formed well off to the southwest. This initial round ultimately entered into the area by 5:00 p.m., when tornado warnings began to fly in places like Spotsylvania, Prince William and Stafford county in Va. and Charles county in Md. “As you can see from this storm are no joke. People have lost homes and some are still missing. These storms are out of control
Storms are really bad and could be dangerous. The winds that picks up could be strong and not good they can take down homes. People have to practically start their lives all over again because of the damage these storms do. They pick up so much speeds that everything just gets thrown around.These storms can be and usually are strong and deadly.

Boston Trip

On Friday, April 9th,2011,  New Dorp gave the juniors a trip they will never forget. They went to Boston and it was so much fun for them. When they got there, they went on a dinner crusie ship and the next day they took tours and saw Harvard University. This trip was a good opportunity for Juniors to get to know eachother. The stundents had to be on the bus for 5 hours but when they arrived they had gotten ready for the Boston Spirit Line dinner crusie.The food they served was good. They served a marcaroni and chesee with broccoli mixed together, roast beef with brown gray and garlic mashed potatoes. They also had salad and string beans. They had to wear fancy clothes but,  not too fancy. It was really nice. The set up was a group of tables that were lined up next to eachother and the tables were near the dancefloor. The boat pulled out at 7 p.m and they came back at 10 p.m. It was fun because they got to dance with all of their friends. On top of that,  there was another school there so they got to dance with them to. It was just a fun night to meet new people.

Then on the tour they got to see all the homes people live in. Some of the windows were purple. Locals say that the poeple that have purple windows are rich. We got to see all famous bulidings including Harvard Unversity. The group was supposed to get a tour but they were late. They got to walk around through it and it  was fun because it was a big campus. The stundents got to look around and see all  of the students that were there. There was even cheerleaders.  It was nice to  walk around and see everything.

We got to learn and see a lot of things. I think my favorite part was the crusie ship. I couldn’t stop dancing and having a good time. I got to see different people and it was just really fun to go through. If you havent done something like this you should because it’s alot of  fun and it’s something that everyone should do. If  I could go back in time I would do it all over again. Trips are always full of fun and something that you will always remember. Whatever trip you plan make sure it’s something you will never forget.

Katy Perry and her road to success

Katy Perry is a really great person. She has a different style for all her songs.They all of meaning and all say something. She also work with alot of people. The kudos from Madonna may have helped Perry with her success. Perry also work with Kanye West. I Kissed a Girl, One of the Boys,California Girls,Teenage dream,Hot N Cold , Fireworks, Discography, Waking up in vegas and Thinking Of you.One of her newest one is E.T. This are all the song that change her and made her have different ideas.Each of these songs have a message.Her video always show us how she is feeling and what the songs are base on.She always coming up with new ideas. Perry had a long relationship with Travie McCoy she married Russell Brand on October 23, 2010..

A quote from one of our Junior name Thomas Vitale “ I love her and she really pretty. She really talented.”

I think she really is talented and pretty.I like how she come together and you never know what she going do next.

No matter what people could feel different about her. I just feel she is good. She has change a lot.She always has something new in store. I like when you don’t know whats going happen next with artist. If you have hear her songs before you should because there really good.She works really hard with whoever. Go listen to her on youtube because if u don’t , you are missing out.

The Ipad 2

The Ipad 2 just came out. It has and upgrade from the Ipad one.Here are some of the new features that the Ipad 2 has that makes it soo different. It has a front facing camera. For all those video chats you never knew you needed—until now. It has a rear facing camera. Need to take a picture or capture video and your phone, Flip camera, or actual camera won’t do? Pull out the iPad 2 and put its VGA camera to work. It’s lighter and thinner 33 percent thinner than the first iPad. It’s also shed some pounds. The new iPad the WiFi only version is 1.3 pounds compared to the first generation, which is 1.6 pounds. It’s faster! Twice as fast, to be exact.
And that’s thanks to the dual-core A5 processor. As long as my videos load faster, I don’t care if it’s powered by a dual-core processor or 5-hour Energy. 5. It comes in two colors: black or white—unlike the black and white cookie. It’s supports two networks. Move over AT&T, Verizon is also available on the iPad 2. We hear that now. It connects to a larger screen. There’s HDMI video output (with resolution up to 1080p) for the times you want to hook up your iPad 2 to an HDTV and view that killer new app on a larger screen. It comes with a new operating system. Just in time for the iPad 2, Apple released iOS 4.3. What does that mean? Your Safari Web browser will perform better—plus iTunes home sharing. For the times your MacBook Pro is out of reach. It has a new cover, which (among other things) cleans the screen for you. No more unsightly fingerprints. The price for the iPad 2 is the same as the oringal prices when it first hit stores at $499 for the 16GB WiFi version. Good news is if you want to buy the iPad 1, Apple has slashed the price to $399 for the WiFi version. Cost of the 3G goes up to $729.This is just some of the features it has.Its very nice. They just keep coming up with more creative things.Its like a computer or a cellphone but it just has more in store. Look into buying one there really cool. They have really cool things that you can enjoy.