Volcano in Iceland

We are seeing really weird things in the world. In Iceland there was a really bad volcano. Airports were closed because it was so bad. The volcano was so bad that it went into the next day.We are seeing a patteren of this happening . Looking at records from last year and this year and there have been more volcanos than normal during this time of year. They canceled 100,000 flights due to this incident. Volcanos arent really safe and cause big problems. Iceland has been known to be hit the worst.

A dense cloud of ash from the Icelandic volcano blew toward Scotland on Monday, creating fears among airlines across Europe that the eruption-related travel disruptions of last year would be repeated. British Airways suspended all its flights between London and Scotland for Tuesday morning, and the Dutch carrier KLM canceled more than a dozen flights to and from Scotland and northern England. Still, officials said they did not expect the problems caused by the Grimsvotn volcano to be as great as those caused by another Icelandic volcano last year that led to the grounding of almost all air traffic in Europe.


School out for Summer

Summer around the concer and every New Dorp High School Stundent is looking forward to that. On Tuesday June 7 class end for stundents then for ther next two weeks there having final and regents week. The final week you take a test for the final grade in that class. They could also help you for Regents. Some stundents may not be looking forward to that but it will help . They Regents you are scheduled to take a test . Stundents are working up untill the last day. Teacher have been giving them notes and stuff for those weeks to help stundents with anything they need to pass. These give stundents a good chance to see what they need help on so that they can pass. It is alot of hard work but in the end it pay off because summer breaks start.
On the other hand soo far Senior at New Dorp High School , there saying goodbye. They had prom and there getting there year books and stuff.For some stundents its sad and for some its okay and for others it may be stressfull. We are all looking forward to the end of the school year it was a long and had work but we made it to the end. This is what happen during the last week at New Dorp , and we work hard till the very end.